5 Benefits from Shopping at a Farmers Market.

Happy Tuesday & Happy first day of February!

Tuesday’s are the start of the week for me, and I’m currently in the office getting ready for a very productive week while thinking how nice it was to visit the Farmers Market this past Sunday! I’m also gazing at some beautifully grown ranunculus sitting on my desk thinking, gosh, I’m lucky to have such great local farmers markets to frequent. With my weekly visits on repeat, I see more market posts coming to the blog in the future. From freshly cut flower selections to my go-to fruits & more!

In the past years, I’ve grown to absolutely love shopping for local goods at the Farmers Markets, and here’s why:

— one.
Enjoy the Season!
There’s something truly special about getting out at the Farmers Market, and taking in all of the seasons. Each season has such a different feel, and I like to bring that into the home. From the fruits, vegetables,  & flowers, my purpose is to feel it all from, “farm to table” so to speak.

— two.
Fresh & Flavorful!

No debate here that farmer’s markets present communities all around the world with the freshest most flavorful goods. I’m one who’d rather skip out on a meal than sacrifice that.

With most well-made products & goods; come a little blood, sweat & “tender loving care.”
I want to know that there’s a purpose behind each product I bring into my home. Sure, food is survival and part of our daily life. But what if we viewed food as art, a craft, or a passion project?
Might think twice before you toss that limp & tireless asparagus into your basket, right?
Might just wait till the next season for the more vibrant berries too, right?

When shopping at local farmers’ markets you know there’s plenty of TLC poured into the goods, and to me, that’s numero uno!

— four.
Community over Competition!
It’s not just about shopping fresh, flavorful & well-made. I believe it’s about community and eliminating competition. And of course, supporting local small businesses! We get used to the convenience of running to the local supermarkets, but what if we took care of our neighbors instead? What if we all sacrificed at least one week a month to only shopping local? How beautiful would that be to know that you’re keeping your neighbors business afloat rather than the chains?! I think that sounds pretty darn amazing!

— five.
Setting Intentions for Health!
Sure having a healthy body is great and all, but don’t forget about the great benefits of having a healthy mind too!
My mental state is always a top priority before anything else. The more I tend to flex my brain towards good intentions the brighter my week ahead becomes. So why not prep the start of each week by visiting your local farmers market over the weekend, I promise it will improve your over well being.

So there you have it — five benefits I’ve experienced from shopping at Farmers Markets, but I’m certain you can agree there are endless reasons for shopping, supporting, frequenting & eating from these local markets!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, and I look forward to touching more on my visits soon! From what I shop, to recipes I make, to the good intentions it brings to my daily life.

Have a happy week, and as always feel free to leave a comment below.

xx, Tiffany

Farmers MKTS. I recommend visiting:
Claremont, Ca.
Pike Place – Seattle, Wa.
Little Italy – San Diego, Ca.
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