I got French Girl Bangs & I Love Them!

Last month I looked in the mirror and told myself I needed a change. A new hairstyle to be exact!

Maybe it was because the new year was approaching. Or maybe it was simply my hair telling me it was ready for something new? I don’t know, but my hair was definitely looking meh. With many of my creative thoughts, I turn to fashion magazines & Pinterest to begin the creative process. Luckily this thought falls into a category that I’m experienced in. I have countless mood boards to flip through. Though with any good (hairstyle) thought, there’s always the doubts & what-ifs! Ughh, am I right?

My thought was to cut “French Girl Bangs, and my doubts & what-ifs were as follows…

What if it doesn’t look good on me?

Will the stylist envision the same vision?

Will I be able to style them the same way the salon did?

But most of all what if I regret it?!

And I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t have any doubts or what-ifs on this one. But tbh like I said at the beginning of this, I was ready for a change. So, I said f-it! Booked the appointment. Done.

Whenever I make the decision to do anything major (yes, a new hairstyle, French Girl Bangs to be exact is indeed major) I make the entire process from start to finish memorably. iykyk

I booked my appointment at a salon called Carachéle Salon located in West Hollywood, with my favorite LA stylist (besides my mum) Carachéle Tyvan whose services are worth every penny.

Located in the heart of West Hollywood makes for the perfect pit stop at Alfred to grab a coffee, matcha, croissants & more. I bring my little goodies with me into the shop, and I’m always greeted with a warm smile, hug, great music & a stunning space!

When you choose a place like this for a service you’re not only investing into a great cut, color, or style, but you’re investing into yourself. Yes, YOU! You realize you matter, and that your hair is something that people get to see every single day. It tells a story, a beautiful one (hopefully), and so why not splurge with no regrets & worries.

I loved every second of my appointment and left the salon feeling inspired, energized & most of all beautiful.

I’ve received more compliments about my new look the past week than I have in years. Want to take a guess, why?

Not because I got French Girl bangs, and love them, but because I did something! I made a life-altering change in my life, and these decisions as doubtful as they can be sometimes are the best decisions to make. Because we shine brighter when we do! It’s important to make these changes to allow for new beginnings in our lives and to keep the fire lit!

Whether you read my little blog regularly, just stopped by for the first time, or came across it on Google when searching for French Girl bangs I encourage you to do it.

“Cut the bangs, and not because I promise they’ll look picture-perfect the minute you do, but because what is life without taking risks?”

xx, TC




  1. 1.24.22
    Yelena said:

    There you are! You look chic! You’re style always evolves and always exciting! Love the bangs on YOU so much!

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