HNY! Dream, Believe & Achieve.

HNY, friends!

If you’re reading this then you and I both survived another year of this craziness?!
I for one am so excited to be entering this New Year!

I know that this past year brought many ups, downs – rounds & rounds. But through it all, I hope you managed to stay strong and continue to achieve the goals set out for yourself. I posted the image above today on social media as a little glimpse into the past seventeen months for me, and my partner (mother).  It’s not just a “selfie.” This image represents to me; sacrifice, maturity, growth, hard work, support, grit & true love.

I’ve worked hard for many years chasing after career paths that brought minimal satisfaction with immense workloads. Now I’m finally in a straight direction of self-growth, wellness & a balanced lifestyle.

Leaving you with three things that help me stay focused on my Dreams & Achieve them no matter what life tossed my way!

  1. Hope. I know it’s cliche but staying hopeful allows endless possibilities and room in our minds to expand out to dream.
  2. Turn off the news, unplug from social media. This was a big one for me! Not in the sense that I didn’t think I could, but more that it was the most effective. Social media for most becomes a huge distraction! It clouds our ability to focus on day-to-day things. Even a basic daily routine can be disrupted by alerts on our phones, pings, dings, and getting lost down the rabbit hole. I’m not saying toss your phone out but I am suggesting limited screen time.
  3. Meditation Finding a way to center your mind, body & soul. When we’re centered, we’re calm. A calm self brings endless abilities to Dream, Believe & Acheive.

Bonus tip: Enjoy these days no matter what! Life is not meant to be rigid, and perfect! Wake each day with a purpose and go to sleep each night with satisfaction & a grateful heart.

Wishing you all a very HNY filled with love, joy & success!

Thanks, for stoppin’ by the blog!

xx, TC


  1. 1.7.22
    Stephanie Cameron said:

    Couldn’t be more excited for this New Year with you!

    Believe & we Achieved!

    Love you!

  2. 1.24.22
    Yelena said:

    Congratulations and cheers to hard work=dreams come true!
    You two are a dream team! Wishing you immense success and FUN together

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