The Swimwear Edit: Summer one-piece looks I’m lovin’

Row One:
(From left to right)

+ JCREW Ruffle plunging gingham V-neck
+ MADEWELL second wave cutout in dot toss
+ MANGO wrap back textured
+ JCREW Bow-tie one-shoulder

Row Two:
(From left to right)

+ MARYSIA sustainable scalloped Mexico maillot in papaya poppy
+ JCREW tie shoulder in cabana stripe 
+ JCREW Bandeau in Libert mini floral walk
+ MANGO scalloped

Row Three:
(From left to right)
+ MARYSIA Santa Barbara maillot in papaya
+ MARYSIA Mott cutout maillot
+ MADEWELL second wave spaghetti strap
+ MARYSIA French Gramercy Maillot in Coconut


With the beginning & end of a new season, I enjoy organizing my closet!

Summer is definitely one that I tend to notice more items lingering around over the years rather than actually worn. It’s a season for most that we splurge on outfits in hopes of beach trips, vacations, staycations & date nights. But for most, our reality is maybe one vacation, and a few backyard-BBQs if that!?

If any of that just clicked with you or sounds familiar then do yourself a fav, and take some time this weekend to organize your closet, and not just Summer looks, but Spring too! This is the perfect time to take note of what you’re actually wearing, and where your lifestyle is now versus a year ago. I’m going to say that chances are having less is always more.

This brings me to where I’m currently at in my Closet & Summer looks. “TBH I’m not one to splurge on swimwear every year.”
I’d rather put my money into SPF’s, hats, coolers, & sunnies {some thirty-something girl said it}.

I’ve also, managed to thin out my entire swimwear fits over the years, and held onto quality over quantity.

I prefer investing in a small number of swimwear fits that are of great quality & will last me years. While still allowing myself room in the closet for those trending fits that are nearly half the price from brands like Mango & Madewell.

This takes me to my price points on investing in swimwear! I will most definitely invest in swimwear that’s $100+ if it has these three things; quality, a timeless look, and neutral tones. Otherwise, I know I’ll regret it even if it lacks one of these three things.

So that’s a quick spill on my closet diaries and my experience with Seasons changing and learning the value of less is more.

In the collage above I listed a dozen one-piece looks that feature a mix of classic & trendy + investment & affordable.
I featured two brands JCREW & Marysia that continue to deliver quality, classic looks year after year with typical swimwear prices ranging between $100 – $300 that will be sure to last in your closet for years.
I also featured two brands Mango & Madewell that are so clutch when it comes to trending styles and great fits without breaking the bank! These brands can be purchased at sale prices as low as $25 up to $80.

So give the links above a peek, and I’ll be adding more swimwear fits & styles to the blog soon!

Happy Summer, and leave a comment on your favorite brands for swimwear below!


xx, TC