Gal {finally} on the go & less is more with Merit!

With things slowly transitioning back to normalcy so has my look-of-the-days!

No more loungewear seven days a week, no more slippers, no more headwear to hide the frizzy hair don’t care, and no more dull-lifeless skin! I’ve happily purged this past year from all things draggin’ me down in life; from an abundance of articles of clothing, home decor, beauty products, and well people too!

The year 2020, and the past five months have given me plenty of time to reflect on what truly matters, and well – what doesn’t!

I was holding onto countless beauty products that I probably used for a week, but jumped to the next best item on the market, and forgot I even had it {ya, not a proud moment}. Purged enough jeans to open my own denim shop {should’ve – would’ve – really couldve}, selling home decor that probably spent most of its time alone while I was running multiple business adventures 90+ hours a week {phew}, and I must say after the 2020 purge I’m feeling fresh & free of toxicities!

But, how about you? How are you lookin’ these days, and more so how are you feeling?

I’m assuming I wasn’t the only one? Right? In 2020 we had plenty of time to reflect, we had time to pause, and we certainly had the opportunity to hit that reset button. I just hope that when, and if you did, you made a few conscious decisions. Whether it was to be kind to our mother earth, to actually research what it is you’re bringing into your life, what ingredients you’re putting on your skin, and if you haven’t just yet well I urge you to at least try. These tiny steps make big changes for not only you but our planet earth. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten that we’re indeed still human and maintaining conscious decisions 24/7 can, and in a way might feel impossible, but my theory amongst many others is less is more.

At this point, most of us have learned that we don’t need much. We’ve become accustomed to bare nails, natural hair, and days, weeks, and even months without any makeup at all!

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but even cutting back on beauty services has been trending, and I see why – now.

We’re at home, we’re all doin’ the research, we’re learning what we actually need verse what we want, and well what we sometimes splurge on. Maybe just maybe we’re finally ready to leave a more conscious way of life, and not so carefree like the old days {2019 & prior aka before Covid}.

This gets me to the title Gal {finally} on the go & less is more with Merit!

I discovered the brand Merit in the new year, and it just felt like perfect timing; I had completed a huge portion of my purge, I was getting settled into a new lifestyle in California, I was eating clean, juicing, and ready to emerge in the flesh looking as good as I felt, and so when I read the story behind the talented Katherine Power I just knew this would be the perfect fit for my lifestyle & daily rituals. Hope you enjoy this beautifully crafted brand as much as I am, and be sure to leave a comment below on your favorite daily rituals.

xx, TC



  1. 6.3.21
    Stephanie Cameron said:

    Love your photos and can’t wait to try these products.

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