5 Ways to Prevent your dog from Separation Anxiety post quarantine

As we prepare for the final weeks of isolation and returning to the normal grind of our daily lives my friends and I have been joking about how our dogs are going to miss us.

All jokes aside this is a very serious topic that us dog owners need to prepare our fur bébés for!

I put together a list of five topics I’ll be maintaining now till post quarantine.

1. Practice Separation

Remove their head from your lap, and start the process now. Our dogs become dependent on how much attention you give, and if you’re giving MORE than ever, how do you think they’ll feel when you suddenly give them 1/2 of that? Not great.

Even if it’s just moving around from room to room more so that they aren’t sitting beside you. This keeps you busy, and them as well. They will tire quickly as most dogs do, and they’ll find a place to nap solo.

2. Early to bed, and early to Rise

Plan your schedule for what post quarantine looks like, and start it now. Creating a balanced flow now will train your dogs for what their days are about to look like again. Just like humans, they adjust to time changes and schedules. “Break the late-night Netflix binges and rising at noon.”

3. Keep your dog healthy

One major change I made for my dogs this past year is a fresh diet. Almost everything we put in our bodies affects our personalities, and the way our we function – that’s the same for our dogs. After some research, I found a company called The Farmers Dog “It’s a service that delivers balanced, freshly made pet food with simple recipes, guided by science, and driven by love.”

4. New toys & things!

Just like humans, our fur bébés get excited about new things! Purchase some new toys or their favorite bones to keep them entertained while you’re away. I’ll do this for my bébés for about 2 – 4 weeks straight alternating them!


5. Keep Calm & Carry on

Our dogs respond to our vibes. If you’re calm they’ll be calm. Do not make a big deal about leaving or coming back home.