Processing COVID19 & trying to stay away from the FEAR20 Outbreak!

COVID-19 or FEAR-20

Worldwide, we’re all dealing with so many emotions during these uncertain times with the outbreak of the COVID-19. We can certainly plan for the known but how do you plan for the unknown? To be honest, I don’t have all the accurate answers, nor does anyone right now for that matter! This seems to be causing this huge outbreak of not just the coronavirus, but a worldwide FEAR-20′ outbreak! Which to me seems scarier than the virus itself, Right?

FEAR-20 my current abbreviation for processing what is happening right now in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

We need to understand that we are ALL in this together and if we can help one another through this dark time by shedding light in any way that we can then please, let’s do it!

I don’t believe influencers should stop sharing during this time…

If the news can update us by the second so can our influencers! Especially when they have the ability to help, and share even more during this time. I have my top 5 go-to influencers that boost me with ideas no matter what’s happening around the world, and even more so now since this has occurred. So with so many influencers and businesses asking followers if and what the limits to posting are right now – I say post away! We all process things differently and there’s always going to be the ones who see things differently than your own view, but right now more than ever we need more creativity, more ideas, more light, and more resources to get us through this dark time.

So real quick as I have you for maybe five more seconds till your brain wants to jump to the next News update, email, TikTok, Instagram post, etc.

Please share with me in a comment below the things you’re doing to keep from the FEAR-20?

As always stay safe,

xx, TC