The Benefits of Collagen & Why It Became a Daily Dose For Me



In this uber fast life that we live, we often find ourselves looking for quick and easy routines for meals, fitness, and lifestyle. I started drinking smoothies several years back as I’m not much of a breakfast eater, and I’m always on the go, so it makes for the perfect alternative.

I discovered “the daily collagen dose” several years back when I was working for Clinique as a skincare therapist in Palm Beach Florida and found myself in awe over the stunning clients that I had each day. Here I was miss twenty-something working in skincare asking these fifty-something women what their skin care routines were. Kind of ironic. Right? I would often wonder how do these women do it? Since it was Palm Beach, I assumed money bought beauty, but I was wrong. These women would share their beauty secrets with me, and they were all saying the same thing! Collagen! Collagen!! Collagen!!!

So just like that, I was hooked! I googled the benefits for collagen, and not only is it ideal for the aging process “Which HELLO we already knew that.” But that it improves the health of skin & hair, reduces pains & degeneration, helps heal leaky gut, boosts metabolism, strengthens nails, hair & teeth, improves liver health, protects the heart. HELLO, need I say more.

After seven years of taking Collagen, I’ve discovered other options besides taking a daily pill like this fantastic drink in my hand above. This coconut is packed with my current favorite daily smoothie by an excellent company called Vital Proteins. With so many yummy choices to fill your body with this Banana, Cinnamon & Vanilla Collagen Whey Protein drink is just one treat to get hooked on. Check them out today, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

xx, Tiffany





  1. 7.11.17
    StephanieCamerron said:

    So true. I take my collagen daily.

    • 7.13.17
      Tiffany said:


  2. 7.11.17
    Yelena Cameron said:

    Loved reading this…really interested in this collagen supplement! And what a stunning find is that a crushed velvet leotard swim suit!?! Best beach wear hands down!????

    • 7.13.17
      Tiffany said:

      Thank you. Yes, it’s velvet! Love this brand SHEIN. They have so many affordable pieces.

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