Change is Good & I’m Chasing Down a Dream That I Can Finally Touch


Change is good, and I’m chasing down a dream that I can finally touch. 

With so many changes happening in my life I decided to take a minute and reflect on how all of this blogging biz started for me, what the future holds by staying in this industry, and when it’s necessary to say goodbye to better opportunities. 

I flipped into this chapter back in 2013. A time when I was uncertain what I wanted to do. I just knew it didn’t consist of someone telling me when I needed to clock in and out. So I left a place called Burke Williams to venture into the blogging world, and work as a freelance skin care therapist (to pay the bills of course). This was one of the best decisions I could’ve ever made to date. It was the perfect mix at the perfect time, and It opened doors I never imagined would open.

I have a brain that has a really hard time powering down. I can’t live the same repetitive life day after day. And so when I discovered blogs like Damsel in Dior, Song of Style, Gal Meets Glam & of course everyone’s favorite Sincerely Jules. I knew this was a place where I could combine all of my passions into one happy place. My love for photography that began in 2009, my love for fashion that started in the 90s, that moment I had back in ’05 in the unique Covent Garden (London) where I knew I’d never be full unless I traveled once a month, and my love for creating & writing. So ya that pretty much sums up the passion pile. 

So here I am in 2017 looking back saying I could’ve done this & I could’ve done that, but at the end of the day I’m in such an active place, and to hold onto the same daily flow another year would be exactly who I’m not. I’m a person who takes risks, a person who enjoys the butterflies, and so with so many new opportunities with Jacq, there’s also the chapters in our lives worth letting go, and moving on from. I’m taking a step back from the Blog & Shop Called Jacq. I won’t be saying goodbye it’s just time for a shift. Not that I was an active 4-5 post a week blogger. I liked to come in waves, but you can most definitely see a dramatic change. I plan to alter my style, my flow, and so much in between.

So it’s not goodbye for Jacq, it’s actually just the beginning of something entirely new. Something different. Something that is exactly me. So change is good, and I’m chasing down a dream that I can finally touch.

A post dedicated to my Jack “Leila Lou.” Missing you every day.
March 23, 2003 – February 18, 2017 

xx, Tiffany 


  1. 2.20.17

    so very exciting! i cant wait to follow along on your journey 🙂 and sending all the love and hugs – i’m sorry to hear about your loss of your sweet pup. <3

    xoxo cheshire kat

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