5 Reasons why you should book a room with Ace Hotels : Featuring Ace Hotel Seattle


With so many great things to share from our 10 day Road Trip, it’s been difficult to organize it all and keep the posts flowing. I promised myself to make time to share with you all why I love the Ace Hotels, and so here I am doing just that. I was lucky enough to not only stay at one but two locations while on the road. Ace Hotel Seattle was the first location we stayed at, and so to keep the trip & posts on the same route I’m featuring photos from Ace Hotel Seattle. Stay Tuned for more photos of Ace Hotel Portland.


1. The ambiance is everything.
Great ambiance triggers a feeling of excitement. One of the reasons I love to hit the road is to let my mind wander and explore things it’s never seen before. Staying in a hotel that delivers just that makes my trip a success already. 

2. Location! Location! Location!
With any good business, location is key. I can promise you that no matter where there’s an Ace, the surrounding area will be a good time too!

3. Clean & Comfy
Who wants the stress of wondering if the room you booked will be Clean & Comfy. It’s a given that when you book with Ace, you’re going to have both. 

4. Eat & Sip
I’ve Stayed at 4 out of the 9 locations, and all four had either great food or great coffee.
PS & DTLA had both!

Palm Springs: Kings Highway + The Amigo Room + Stumptown Coffee
 – DTLA: LA CHAPTER + Upstairs Bar 
Portland: Stumptown Coffee Shop
The Original Ace  in Seattle: Stumptown Coffee

5. Good ole Hospitality
From my experience, Ace Hotel delivers just that. When you check in you’ll not only be handed a key, and a “have a nice stay.” Um, no. With Ace Hotels the crew is so much more that that. They want to make sure you’re familiar with the area, where they can fill you in all the do’s & don’ts, and never not once do you get the impression that you’re bothering them. You don’t just have to be from the south to have hospitality. You can find it in a few other places like Seattle & Portland too! (insert giggles & a wink)

xo, Tiffany 


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    Good to know. I would like to stay at one of there locations.

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