Tiff & Ed’s Excellent Adventures Day 1 : Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Stop on Highway 1 ; Carmel, Monterey & Santa Cruz

Three Quick Stops Ahead on Highway 1

With so many stops along the coast, it’s really hard to soak it all up in the amount of time that I gave us for Day 1. The trip was more about the Pacific Northwest, and less about Cali-coastal love. The best way for me to describe my thoughts for Highway 1 on this trip was a bit like eating tapas. I tasted everything on the menu, and now I know what I’ll order next time. 


What an unexpected surprise. I’ve heard a lot about Carmel or “Carmel by the Sea,” but never really paid much attention to what people were actually saying. Kind of harsh, I know, but in all honesty never thought twice about it. I figured it was a place to visit when I was retired, but it was actually the perfect little California Gem. Tucked away nice and neat on California’s Monterey Peninsula. This little charmer has so much to offer. From it’s fairytale cottages & galleries. To downtown chaos (which I love), restaurants, shopping, and people watching. Oh, my people watching. This was quite the busy little spot. So be prepared for crowds. I wasn’t able to check out the beaches, but I’m sure they’re just as charming as the town. Put it on the list. Cause Carmel is quite the cutie. 



Another quick stop into an interesting place. Monterey definitely needed more of my time. I really couldn’t understand what I was looking at or what it was that I wanted to do. Did I want to check out the rugged coast, have a peek at marine life, roam the Cannery (restaurants, bars & Gift Shops), or play near the rocks. So I played near the rocks (insert giggles). Not much to say, but that I needed more time.



Santa Cruz:

You’re last on the list for our quick stops before exiting Highway 1, and as much as I wanted to love this place, it wasn’t my fav. Again, I had no idea what I was about to see. I never once googled Santa Cruz or seen one pic from Santa Cruz. The only thing I related Santa Cruz to is the round shaped sticker with the words Santa Cruz across it, and it was plastered on everyone’s binder or skateboard in high school. I know, it’s not the best representation, but what I did see was that this place had high energy, and that means that there’s so much more that I still need to explore someday. So my opinion isn’t going to be a solid one when I never saw all of it. I could understand why it attracts a younger crowd from its impressive Boardwalk with carnival rides and kiddo stuff, but again just not my thing. I think it’s perfect for the younger crowd and ideal for photography, touristy things and people watching. Either way, you honestly can’t go wrong along the coast. So if you’re a fan of Santa Cruz holla at me, and leave some tips for next time. I still want to love you!

TIP: Just beware when exiting Santa Cruz headed North onto Highway 17! We hit some insane traffic out of there, and I believe that was our only route out.
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