Tiff & Ed’s Excellent Adventures Day 1 : First Stop ; SLO, Ca. Bubblegum Alley

Bubblegum Alley is a tourist attraction in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, known for its accumulation of used bubble gum on the walls of an alley. It is a 15-foot high and 70-foot long alley lined with chewed gum left by passers-by.
Address: 733.5 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

ADVENTURE AWAITS ON JACQ! I’m jumping straight into the deets on what’s happening for the next two weeks on Blog Called Jacq. I’m currently embarking on a trip I said I would do years ago, and well here I am 30+, and finally tacklin’ it. Woo Hoo!

Follow along as I take on non stop adventures with my father, Edward “Ed.”
We’ll hit Highway 1 North for 12 hours, then off to Oregon, Washington, and back down a to our final stretch into a couple of California favorites Yosemite & Sequoia. We’ll end the trip through a few towns we’ve seen dozens of times until we arrive Home Sweet Home to our loved ones just outside of Los Angeles.

First stop is a place we Cali Kids like to call “SLO,” or otherwise known as San Luis Obispo. This town is packed with fun little places to visit, but with so little time, I went straight for the contemporary art wall. Kind of silly, Kind of yucky, but oh so cool! Up Next Morro Bay and Way More!

xo, Tiffany

Post dedicated to my dad.

note: that my top is actually a skirt

ZARA skirt/top
GAP girlfriend jeans
NORDSTROM converse
ZARA scarf