Indie Grunge in El Bolson, Argentina

Wanderlusting back to a place in northern Patagonia’s Rio Negro province called “El Bolson.”

You were the perfect place for people watching, market shopping, and channeling my inner indie style. One of the best parts about exploring other countries is exploring their fashion. From the street style to the boutiques, to the local markets. I get an instant high from this type of energy. This day will be remembered solely for that: Hanging with friends, trying new food, people watching, market shopping, and picking out the perfect indie accessories. Thanks, Verity for all the great laughs, and sharing this unique little town with me.

xo, Tiffany




  1. 9.16.16
    Yelena Cam said:

    Love your purse!

    • 9.19.16

      Thank you. It was a great find in Argentina!

  2. 9.17.16
    Stephanie said:

    It looks like such a wonderful place to visit.

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