I’d rather be somewhere else. Featuring Lago Escondido, Argentina

Featuring MADEWELL

I think every single one of us can relate to the fact that we’re always too busy. Too busy to keep a balanced schedule, too busy for fitness, too busy for friendships, too busy to keep organized with work. I think finding that balance is a constant challenge. I’ve spent several months organizing my old content. I have so many great shots that just sit on my hard drives, and it’s about time I dusted these old memories off, and add them to my diary. So that’s just what I’m doing with my third post in one evening on Argentina. Tonight’s trip through old photos has made me realize how I need to slow down and enjoy all of these moments in between. To benefit from the times on the road even when it’s so difficult to be away from loved ones. Because one day I’m going to miss this crazy lifestyle.

I dedicate this post to the stunning “Lago Escondido” that stamped a place in my heart.

xo, Tiffany




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    Stephanie said:


  2. 9.15.16
    Yelena Cam said:

    Zippers on white Capri jeans!?!? That’s the wow factor! Great look!

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