I’ve called myself the Jacq of all Trades simply because my indecisive artistic mind likes to get involved in more than one project at a time. I’ve had a passion for photography since 2010. It became an outlet for me to explore my creativity rather than sketching or painting like I had done for many years before. With this creative outlet, it’s only become more and more skilled, and I rely on others to keep my creativity high. Recently I’ve reunited with an old friend Paula Jackson Photography, who has shared her workflow, and given me a new vision for photography. I also have Stacy Coker Photography, Lindey Neudorff, Brooke Logue Photography & Claudia Meldahl photographer at Twinkling Hearts who have all been strength and support along this creative journey. They all share different ideas and opinions on photography, but it’s great to have people around you that share the same passions. It keeps you burning. So I challenge you to find a creative outlet and to grow with others throughout this process.
In this blog post, you will explore a beautiful day spent with close friends celebrating their “I Do’s.”
Verola Studio LLC. took these photos and Jacq LLC. created full edits.

Photography Support + Inspiration
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Lindey Neudorff
Stacy Coker
Claudia Meldahl 
Paula Jackson &
Brooke Logue

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  1. 7.16.16
    Stacy said:

    This makes me smile! Thank you, Tiffany! The feeling is 100% mutual!❤️

    • 7.16.16
      Tiffany said:

      I’m so lucky to have the support from you gals. xoxo

  2. 7.16.16
    Lindey said:

    Awe <3 love you lady and love everything about this blog. We are in this journey together. I just get to share it with you. Beautiful beautiful work. Love your style lady <3

    • 7.16.16
      Tiffany said:

      You’re the sweetest. I wish I could’ve seen you and Claudia when y’all were in town. We have to plan something soon. xo

  3. 7.16.16
    Yelena Cameron said:

    Favorites: the shot of the wedding rings is amazing, the photo of you with your honey and the last shot with the sparklers and the happy couple! Wedding photos are always so magical!

    • 7.27.16
      Tiffany said:

      I just edited these as a little favor for my girlfriend. But yes the photographers had some great angles. Thanks for stopping by. Miss my little Peyt.

  4. 7.16.16
    Stephanie said:

    Very inspiring!!

    • 7.27.16
      Tiffany said:

      You’re inspiring!!!

  5. 7.17.16
    Littlest said:

    Love it! AMAZING job editing, writing and everything all around! True creative & talent!! Thank you SO much for the shout out, you’re always the most thoughtful ❤️

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