Shocking Weather Alerts: Paris, France

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH faux fur coat (similar), ZARA stripped tee (similar), ZARA denim (similar), CONVERSE sneaks, SONIX iPhone case & CHLOE drew bag

After four nights in Paris, Nate, and I have been embracing this crazy weather and making the best of it. Unfortunately, for the city of Paris, they’ve been faced with the worst weather seen in the past 30 years for this particular time of the year. I packed so many cute outfits to share with you all, and I will still find a way to interact my recent fashion finds while in Paris.

I also plan to gather blog posts when I arrive back in LA next Thursday catered to “The Week After Paris” where I will feature all of the unseen outfits that were meant for Paris if the weather continues to give us trouble.

Either way Nate, and I are still having the most fantastic time. Paris is such a special place, and there are so many beautiful places to explore with or without ideal weather.

It’s 2 am on June 4th so I can officially say my birthday is over, well almost. I have about seven more hours back home in LA. So I’ll soak up a few more messages from Mom making me feel special, and thank you so much to all of you who left such thoughtful words addressed to me on social media. I have read each and every single one, and will be returning my kind words your way soon.

xo, Tiffany





  1. 6.3.16
    Stephanie said:

    Love all the pictures. You look beautiful and look like you are really enjoying Paris..

    • 6.12.16
      Tiffany said:

      Thank you. We did!

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