Place Vendôme – Paris, France

ZARA peplum top, ZARA denim jeans, STEVE MADDEN flats & heels, HM scarf, CLARE V clutch, RAY BAN sunnies

Paris is easily becoming my favorite city in the world. I went into this trip with no expectations. I just went to celebrate my thirty-third birthday and have fun with my best friend. I had no idea it would capture me in this way.

Let’s rewind for a second. I went to Paris in the fall of 2005 before I began my semester in London. Paris was somewhat of a tease, it left me wanting more, and I waited over a decade to go back. In ways, I’m happy I waited this long because now I’m at a stage in my life where I feel grateful to experience new places, enjoy the taste of new foods, sip on champagnes, and I can find beauty in the simplest of things. I think any year before this I may have just taken it for granted.

So with the new year ahead of me I will be reminded of these walks through the city. It truly is the city of Lights & Love. It has lit up my mind & touched my heart.

I will forever be grateful for what this trip has brought to me emotionally & mentally. With so many new projects headed my way this year it could not have come at a better time.

Thank you Paris for all that you bring to the soul.
Thirty-Three will be the best!

xo, Tiffany



[One simple way to take your look from day to night]

I took the advice from Margo & Me blogger Jenny Bernheim to add a pair of heels inside my tote during the day so that I could make the quick change from day to night. Jenny’s tip was spot on, and I was so happy I took her advice.

When you’re out exploring, and being adventurous you never know what amazing restaurants might pass your way for dinner. So instead of traveling back to your hotel to change up your entire look, just add a pair of heels, and voila you instantly change your look from day to night. Thanks, Jenny!



  1. 6.14.16
    littlest ;) said:

    obsessed. Can’t wait to hear of all your Paris adventures <3 and love your look <3

    • 6.15.16
      Tiffany said:

      Oh Babe! Thank you for leaving a comment on here!! Luv u xx

  2. 6.16.16
    Stephanie said:

    Oh my gosh! Love this shoot. My favorite blogger gal. xo

    • 7.10.16
      Tiffany said:

      thanks mom. xoxo

  3. 7.10.16
    Stacy said:

    Hey, Tiffany! I’m noticing your cuffed jeans in this post. I’m trying to style my son and he hates skinny jeans. Maybe straight jeans with a cuff?? I would love a tutorial or info on the perfect cuff!❤️

    • 7.10.16
      Tiffany said:

      Stacy, I would love to do a tutorial! Let me look into one for the future.
      I know skinny jeans are very popular, but it becomes tough for guys to style their jeans. If he hates skinny jeans go for a straight leg jean, and steer away from a bootleg. Once you find a pair of straight leg jeans you like try different styles of shoes. I think shoes are a huge factor with how you style the jean. If it’s a leather or suede boot, then you can tuck the front portion or all of the denim jean into the boot. If it’s high top converse, I like to do a perfect cuff meaning I would cuff it properly not messy, and if its just slip on Vans or Adidas of some sort I would do a messy cuff. Just write me more often, and we can chat about what shoe he is wearing, and style it accordingly. Hope this helped a bit. xo

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