Big Hearts & the City: Arts Colony. Pomona, California


Happy Belated Valentines Day Everyone!

“Love is still in the air for me.”

I spent the whole weekend surrounded by happy hearts!
I was able to catch up on some long overdue baking with my adorably cute mom. You can head over to Instagram to see a pic of our chocolate cupcakes dipped in ganache, Recipe by Martha Stewart.
If you’re ever interested in baking tips let me know, and I’ll post more helpful recipes. I would love your feedback!!

In today’s post:
I’m wearing my typical City Girl style; distressed denim jeans from Zara. I just snagged these great jeans last week on Zara’s sale rack for $19.99!
So take a look at your local store, and you might be able to find this great deal as well. Otherwise have a look at my denim choices below that I have chosen for my Shop the Post. You can never have too many distressed denim jeans to add to the closet.
I paired these jeans with my favorite silk cami from H&M. Finished off with my city girl look with my H&M biker jacket, and buckled-up these adorably cute white pumps from Zara.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment below for any other styles you would be interested in seeing.





H&M jacket | ZARA denim
H&M cami | AMAZON bandana neck tie 
MK rosegold watch | ZARA pumps