Lattés & Laptops – Silverlake, Ca.

“Lattés & Laptops pretty much sums up my typical day.”


Today’s post features two great items: the perfect latté, and the perfect laptop accessory. Let’s start with the perfect latté, we all know that some days demand extra strong, and others might call for a subtle sweet casual sipping kind of day. When you’re looking for a the crafted more casual sipping day head over to Intelligentsia Coffee in Silverlake, CA. I love the ” Sweet Latté” extra hot ( perfect fall weather drink ).

The perfect laptop accessory: Currently I’m toting around my 13″ MacBook Air laptop, and I never leave home without its go-to accessory. The Marble MacBook skin cover!!
Check out the links below!! You will love it, and be prepared for lots of oohs and awws.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Shop this look below.




Intelligentsia Coffee
The Marble MacBook skin cover
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    Loving this post. Looking good!!!

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