Monaco Part I


After several months of traveling non-stop, I decided to take a little breather from writing this past couple of weeks so that I could catch up on a few other things like my new online shop!!But before we chat about that kind of business lets chat about “Monaco & Memories.”
I simply can’t get rid of these magical moments that I spent this past summer in Monaco. It was very unexpected how unique this place is. It has so much to offer for wanderlust like me. The shopping is simply the crème de la crème!!
I would just love to rush back to a few days there and relive them with a camera attached to my hip, but instead I’ll give you a quick run through of a few things that stood out to me.

Casino Square, Le Metropole Shopping Center, F1 races, Port of Monaco, Plage de la Mala, Cathédrale de Monaco, wandering between pretty buildings, Le Rocher Principauté de Monaco, the beach, ice cream, yachts, nightlife, purse shopping, and how could I forget. . .

“oh you know, meeting Prince Albert II and his lovely wife.”

Ahhh . . .  feeling blessed for the summer of ’15

xx Tiffany



  1. 10.18.15

    This is incredible! I love the outfit, and your accessories are very classy!!! Cant wait to see part two. Keep up the good work!!!

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