Bonjour Babes!

As my beautiful French journey continues, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Cannes during the film festival. Yet, amongst all the glitz n’ glam and meeting incredibly talented people such as Harvey Weinstein, Emily Blunt, Antonio Banderas, and John C. Riley . . . I just loved finding a way back to simplicity during the day.

It was magical walking the streets of France and enjoying all the sights that may have gone unseen in the parties of the night.  My heart fell in love with Cannes during the day.  There were so many sights to see, but the winding Boulevard de la Croisette and sandy beaches made it perfect for my distressed jeans, basic striped tee, and my new favorite sunnies by Dior.


Photos by: JP Caty


DIOR sunglasses 

H&M stripped tee

URBANOUTFITTERS distressed denim

BANANA REPUBLIC metallic flats