My Gladiator NO. 1

Do you have a Gladiator in your life? “I DO” My mom is what I call a “Gladiator.” If anyone has had the pleasure of meeting all 4’11” of her, you would immediately sense a warmth about her. The sweetness, her attentiveness, her instant caring charisma. I am honored to know that charming side of her, but my favorite side of her is the other side, her “Gladiator” side. She has taught me how to love deeper. How to become the strongest individual that you humanly can be. To have patience, when no one else does. At any moment in our lives, we make decisions that can redefine in every way how people look at us. Some good and some not so good. There was a dark time in my life when I couldn’t explain how I got there. Maybe childish decisions or quick choices without much thought, I don’t know. It hurt for awhile knowing that these decisions weren’t decisions I was proud of, but the best part of that time in my life was learning what friendships meant to me. In times like these, you will see who cares about you and who doesn’t. Who are the weak and who are the strong. These are defining moments not only for yourself but others. Not the mistakes but what you do after those mistakes. How we get up and fight and who will fight along side of us. My mother never stopped fighting for me. She is my EVERYTHING. She helped me turn the page. She helped me redefine again, and again, and yet again. Having my mom to hold my hand through it all has made my darkest times brighter. These times could be my worst nightmare, but my “Gladiator” fights for me when I am weak. She pushes me further, further than I could ever hope to push on my own. It has filled me with an internal resolve, I can fight, but when I need some help, understanding, compassion, direction my “Gladiator” my “Mother” can accomplish all of these. So this is where I ask you. Do you have a Gladiator in your life? Someone who loves the deepest, and fights the hardest. Someone who can hold their head high for you! “I DO” She’s my Gladiator, my rock, my soldier, my lady, She’s my MOTHER. Happy Mothers Day Can’t wait to travel the world with you. We will go till our bones won’t let us, and after that, I will carry you.

xo, Tiffany