Featuring Knot too Shabby in Downtown Glendora, Ca.

Being back in my hometown has me inspired by the littlest of details. In some cases, you will find inspiration for clothing and style in unique ways. In this case, mine was “refurbished old furniture”.  I came across this unique business nestled into Downtown Glendora Village called Knot too Shabby, anyone who knows me knows that I love a good project. They inspired me to take something old and turn it into something fabulous. I was ready to toss out this old vintage white cotton tee until I realized that sometimes something old just needed a little twist or “KNOT” in this case to make it something new or different. So that’s exactly what I did! I paired this gorgeous violet chiffon skirt with my classic vintage white cotton tee, and simply “KNOTTED” up the side giving this outfit a whole knew look that could be perfect for any season.

Penny for your thoughts?